LIQUID FUEL | With an abundance of freshly made smoothies, mylkshakes, smoothie bowls and cold pressed juice, we also serve up the best organic coffee. We offer a delicious house-made almond coconut milk as a dairy alternative to have in your hot drink of choice!

Long Black / 4

Flat white / 4.5
Cappucino / 4.5
Latte / 4.5
Mocha / 5
Hot Chocolate / 5
House made spicy chai Latte / 5
Matcha Latte / 5
Turmeric Latte / 5
Dirty Chai / 6
Fat black / 5
Spicy Choc / 5
Almond mylk / .5
Large / 1
Organic tea / 4.5


VITALITY | Green apple, lemon, ginger
CLARITY | Beetroot, ginger, carrot, lemon, green apple
LONGEVITY | Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger
GLOW | Turmeric, carrot, orange, ginger, lemon


JAFFA | Almond mylk, raw cacao powder, orange, cacao nib, coconut nectar, vanilla bean, pinch sea salt
MATCHA | Almond mylk, matcha powder, coconut nectar, vanilla bean
PB+J | Almond mylk, organic peanut butter, coconut nectar, berries, vanilla bean
STRAWBERRIES & CREAM | Strawberry, coconut nectar, vanilla bean, almond mylk


GYPSY | Raspberry, rosewater, banana, coconut, vanilla, date
BLUEBERRY PIE | Blueberry, cinnamon, wheat free oat, almond, date, banana, ginger
TROPICAL GREEN | Spinach, kale, pineapple, mango, date, coconut, turmeric, ginger
DETOX | Kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, turmeric
GEISHA | Matcha powder, raw cacao powder, banana, sesame seeds, coconut nectar, coconut oil
BROWNIE | Almond, cacao powder, cacao nib, banana, date, cinnamon, himalayan sea salt
TROPICANA | Pineapple, mango, turmeric, ginger, coconut, date
SALTED CARAMEL | Cacao nib, date, vanilla bean, banana, Himalayan sea salt
MACA BERRY BOMB | Raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, maca powder, banana, date
GYM BUNNY20gm vanilla protein powder, linseed, chia seed, cinnamon, almond, banana


CARAMEL CHAI | Ginger, cinnamon, coconut nectar, banana, vanilla bean, Himalayan sea salt, cacao muesli, coconut, berries
PINK PANTHER | Rhubarb, strawberry, banana, date, cacao muesli, coconut, berries
ACAI | Acai berry, banana, date, cacao muesli, coconut, berries
BALI BOWL | Pink pitaya, banana, date, cacao muesli, cacao nib, coconut, coconut nectar